Why I Like Cheesecake

maple bacon ceesecake

maple bacon ceesecake

Why I like cheesecake… Let me count the ways…. oh so many different ways to have cheesecake….. this one is the starters though and we call it our “Breakfast Cheesecake” as you get the sweet taste of maple throughout the cheesecake and the savory flavor of bacon crumbles all covered with a topping of Bacon infused caramel glaze.

Take a look over our menu and you can find your favorite flavors and the perfect fit for the time of day as well!!

Cheesecake Jars

The first step to enjoying a great Cheesecake Jar is selecting what type of cheesecake you would like to enjoy…. Currently we have over 40 different options on our full menu along with our delivery menu. Head out to one of our events or one of our retail locations to grab you favorite… the perfectly cold jar allows you to walk around or take home to relax and enjoy later!

Hand Rolled Cannoli

hand rolled cannoli

Hand Rolled CannoliWe take our time to make all our shells by hand then fry them in 100% Pure Olive Oil Then fill them fresh to order to insure a crisp bite to the shell. We only use the freshest Mascarpone and Ricotta Cheese then add in some chocolate chips and top with some powdered sugar and coco to finish off the perfect after meal treat! Come on down to The Ybor Daily Market or go online to MobileMeals.com to enjoy!